GoatWorld and Goat 411 Terms of Service and Access

Certain rules and restrictions are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the GoatWorld Message Forum and other features such as Goat World Web Space. These rules and restrictions are for the good of members and visitors alike and each of us are expected to abide by them accordingly. Each broken rule or restriction is dealt with on an individual basis.

1) Membership Costs
The GoatWorld Message Forum is a password protected, fee-based subscriber system. Cost to join the GoatWorld Message Forum is $12.00 per year, per family. Collected membership fees are used to further fund the GoatWorld web site as a whole and further develop other web site features as needed. The $12.00 fee is non-refundable but does allow you access to read and post messages in the Message Forum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I feel this is a very small price to pay for the outstanding quality our members provide with their information and messages. Your membership and donations help to pay for the cost of the servers!

    1a) As stated above, Full Year Memberships at $12.00 are non-refundable. Subscriber Based Memberships at $6.00 per half-year are also non-refundable with the following exceptions:

      1b) Since "Subscriber" memberships are accomplished and paid through PayPal, there is a 3 day grace period in which your PayPal account has been charged for a recurring $6.00 membership subscription fee. If you request that your membership be cancelled within a 3 day period from when the PayPal charge was made to your account, that $6.00 charge will be returned to your account, and your account moved to the non-member category, or, deleted from the GoatWorld membership database entirely.

        1c) In dealing with PayPal subscriptions, if you wish to cancel your subscription at any time for any reason, you must do this through your PayPal account at the PayPal web site. I cannot manually delete your subscription from end at this time and will not be responsible for any charges incurred due to subscription difficulties with the PayPal system.

2) Web Space, Web Content, and other Features
Every paid membership account in addition to being granted full access the the GoatWorld Message Forum, is also permitted a variable amount of web space within GoatWorld where they may create an account to store or showcase goat related files. The rules discussed in this Terms of Service apply to ALL features offered by GoatWorld to its members.

    2a)Posting Messages by Topic and Subject Relevance
    The message forum contains certain topics which allow for posting of messages by subject and relevance. The level of membership (paid membership vs. unpaid membership) determines the ability to post within a given topic. The Goat 911 Emergencies Only topic allows posting from any level of membership but the potential abuse of posting non-emergency subjects is closely monitored and such acts of potential abuse are dealt with as follows:

    • the message or post will be either deleted or moved to the appropriate topic and the person posting the message will be notified via email.

    • the second offense (or reposting of the same subject in the original topic from which it was moved) will result in suspension of the account without notice given to the person.

    • the third offense will result in complete and indefinite suspension of the account to include IP banning.

    • the perception of emergency vs. non-emergency is a very fine line and more often than not, moderators are very liberal and will allow certain posts that walk the line. However, since the GoatWorld Message Forum is primarily funded by paid membership, this rule must be obeyed carefully in order to create a community that is based on care and concern for your goats and not an open door to exploit the focus and goal of GoatWorld as a whole.

3) Account Duration and Expiration
Every account, either paid or unpaid, is periodically checked for login activity. To maintain an active account, the account must show a record of login activity not more than 45 days old, otherwise that account will be deleted completely from the system. Inactive accounts which reside on our servers utilize valuable resources which can bog the performance of the overall system. No refunds either partial or in full are given to those accounts which have been deleted for inactivity. In the case of Web Space accounts, those accounts which appear abandoned or inactive will be deleted as well if the owner cannot be notified.

4) Acceptable Use Policy
The use of profanity, vulgarity, or any language that can be considered offensive to a "general audience" is strictly prohibited. The exception to this rule applies to those terms which are defined as "medical" in nature and are allowed. Please keep in mind that GoatWorld and the network it serves, is a General Audience rated network. Your messages may be viewed by minors. There are many children and young adults who use the GoatWorld network for 4H, FFA and other educational purposes.

5) Libelous content is strictly prohibited to include messages that disparage other individuals, groups, opinions, companies, web sites, religious or politcal beliefs, lifestyles, goat management practices, etc. Example: a message contains information where person A discusses the actions, behaviour or opinions of person B. - "person B has no right to own goats because he is stupid and doesn't worm his goats with SafeGuard." This type of behavior is strictly prohibited.

6) Messages promoting other web sites, companies or services (see #9 for further details regarding this rule) are strictly prohibited. This includes using the Message Forum for trying to sell or promote your own products or services. I have specifically set up the GoatWorld Message Forum Free Classified ads section which allows for this. The Message Forum is for information dealing with goats and any indirect care or concern for them as a result.

    6a) The GoatWorld Message Forum Free Classified ads is for posting ads which relate to your goats, products, or services. Links to other sites similar in nature are not allowed. For example, if you post a link to another Ad Service. What this means is that if you are only trying to post a link to another ad service without actually trying to post an ad for something you are offering, this is not allowed. However, if you have a goat, product, or service and the information for that goat, product, or service is contained within another ad service framework, that is allowed. If you have any question regarding this policy, please email before posting the ad. See also 9a.

      6b) In addition to the policy outlined in 6a, certain content and items are not allowed to be posted in the free ad service. Items that promote cruel or unusual treatment or practices to animals in general are not allowed. Items and content outside the everyday scope of GoatWorld is not allowed. An example would be the selling of body parts (there is a small section of people who seem to thrive on the purchase of goat skulls), or devices that could be injurious to the health and welfare of a goat. Again, if you have any question regarding this policy, please email before posting the ad. See also 9a.

7) The Message Forum is password protected in which each member is given his or her own account. Accounts are non-transferable between members. Revealing your username and password to others so that they may gain access to the Message Forum is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with by immediately terminating that members access privileges indefinitely with no refund of membership fee in any extent.

    7a) Web Space accounts are also password protected and each member has his or her own unique ID and password. This ID and password can be the same ID and password as any GoatWorld feature allows.

8) The use of all capital letters in a message body or subject line is strictly prohibited. Using all capital letters makes it very difficult for me to edit these types of messages and therefore, any messages that violate this rule will be deleted. Further action will be taken to terminate the offending members membership if this violation is continually repeated.

9) Links to other web sites are permitted. However, I reserve the right to delete those messages that contain direct links to web sites which are known to, or can be considered direct competitors of GoatWorld.com, especially in light of product sales or services. There is a very fine line for this rule and I do not wish to deter you from "recommending" other sites products or services, especially if they are helpful. But the bottom line for this rule is that if you are fully aware that GoatWorld sells thermometers and you post links to other sites that sell thermometers, this action will be viewed as detrimental to the focus of GoatWorld which is operating only to serve the goat industry as a whole. Every little bit of your support helps to achieve this mission. The GoatWorld Store does not sell every item available for the goat industry, but openly giving a free plug to another company that sells exact or similar items is prohibited.

    9a) Web Space accounts may not be used to advertise, for profit, or associate in any way with 3rd party vendors, advertisers, or pay per click promotions where a 3rd party is paying the Web Space account holder a fee for links through text or graphic interface. Posting of executable files or files meant to be blindly downloaded or engineered to spawn other web sites and files is strictly prohibited.

      9b) The use of bot and spider meta tags within a Web Space account, designed to falsely lure or promote web traffic (hits) is also strictly prohibited. This also applies to description and keyword meta tags which falsely index a page. An example is adding a keyword such as "ipod" or "ring tones" to a page that is supposed to be about goats. Infractions to this rule will result in the page being deleted without notification given to the Web Space account owner.

        9c) In the event a Web Space account causes issue(s) to arise in which laws are breached and 3rd parties become involved, GoatWorld reserves the right to work in full cooperation with law enforcement officials in handing over ALL information known regarding the Web Space account holder. GoatWorld shall not be held responsible for any legal issues that arise in any way, shape, or form.

10) In the past it has been optional to include your real name and email address with your messages. Since the Message Forum is now password protected and therefore secure from email harvesters, I feel that it is best (but not required) to include your real name and email address so that it helps to promote a spirit of trust and camaraderie amongst Message Forum members. First names only are acceptable as are first and last names - please use your own judgment. If you know that there are two or more members with the same first name, it is recommended that you use your first name and intial of your last name. GoatWorld will honor user names on a first-used basis only.

11) Monitoring, Moderation, Suspension and Deletion of Accounts may be accomplished by either the Board Moderator and/or other assigned Moderators. Should you encounter a message that is not prurient to the scope of the Message Forum, you are encouraged to contact a moderator at any level to report the message so that it may be dealt with quickly and efficiently. In ALL cases for members,non-members, and guests alike, an IP capture is employed and offending IP's will be banned.

12) The GoatWorld Terms of Service and Access may be revised at any time to reflect the continuous changes in Internet Technology. Any changes that are perceived to be necessary will be discussed from time to time within the Message Forum itself and ammended to this page as required. As part of a fairness policy, you are encouraged to email us with any disagreements that you may have in regards to the policies set forth here.

These registration requirements and policies are current as of January 14th, 2009.

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